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                       Seabrook, Texas PELICAN PARK
PELICAN PARK : Contains  Three separate  areas . The prime park area is about one acre in size and is made up from four water front lots. one lot that is noncontiguous to the others has plants and trees .
The area is designed as a quite area for  adult and young family  for  walking or sitting while enjoying  tranquil view  of the  Lake area

The park area includes  approximately 1800 feet of  wide  sidewalks / walking trails with four shadeland benches  as well as two large garden circles which contain flowers, trees and plants.


The District Directors are committed to providing PARKS that all residents will  enjoy and be proud of. 


The Park  is open  for use of the Seabrook Island residents and others with in our community.

The Park was developed and  is maintained by Harris County  Municipal Utility District No. 373, under the State of Texas rules and regulations. Development  was from existing funding No Increase in Mud Tax  were required. Pelican park is a life style asset to promote Seabrook Island Subdivision as a great place to live