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District Engineer
The consulting engineer for the District is   A&S Engineers. Inc.
A & S Engineering ,  10377 Stella Link Road Houston, TX 77025-5445   Phone 713-942-2700
District Auditor  
McGRATH & Co. PLLC-CPAs  ,  Certified Public Accountants, P.O. Box 270148, Houston, Texas 77277
Delinquent Tax Attorney
Perdue, Brandon Fielder, Collins & Mott  1235 N. Loop W, Suite 600, Houston ,TX 77008
Operator of  Water  Sanitary Sewer Facilities and Storm Water System
The City of Seabrook, Texas , pursuant to the Utility Functions and Services Allocation Agreement between the District and the City, operates and maintains  the  water  sewer facilities and storm water system that serves the MUD District Residents.
District Tax Assessor/Collector
The tax assessor/collector for the District is Assessments of the Southwest.   SPECIAL NOTE : Assessed valuation of your property  is provided by the Harris County Tax Assessor not the Mud District Tax Assessor/Collector. The District only sets the tax rate based on the Assessed valuation by the Harris County Appraisal District
District General Counsel / Attorney
C/O Terrie Sechrist  of  Sechrist - Duckers  LLP  
6300 West Loop South, Suite 415
Bellaire, Texas 77401
Office:  (Office: (713) 395-4200, extension 102

Election and voting information

Email Mail: tsechrist@s-dlawfirm.com?subject=MUD373

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